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LaboACE LC-5060

Maximize Benefits of Labo ACE

LaboACE is compact enough to fit inside a fume hood or on a benchtop.
As compact as two letter-size papers.
Injector and single port fraction collector are placed in the compact body. Up to two detectors(UV and RI)can also be fitted into the Laboace body.

LaboACE promises you to make Purification steps simple,quick and easy.

Improved Recycling Efficiency
LaboACE has minimized internal dead volume and installed newly developed non-diffussion unit to prevent baseline rising between cycles.

・Reliable Solvent Delivery
With more than 50 years of experience,optimized serial double plunger pump dedicated for recycling is installed.The recycling efficiency is greatly improved.

Non-Diffusion Recycling(Patent)
During extended recycling period,the recycled sample in the flow line can diffuse between the cycles and into solvent with the danger of contaminating the solvent reservoir. The system has non-diffusion device(patent)that prevents the sample from running back into solvent line and contaminating your sample,columns and damaging detedtors with back pressure.

・Auto Cleanup Function
keeps the flow channels clean automatically.Solvent changeover when changing columns is also made much easily.

・Rigth Fraction Timing
The time difference due to dead volume from sample detection to actual fraction will de automatically calculated and no longer need to time it or lose the precious compound.

Other Useful Function
Pump stop timer,Solvent volume alert and Fraction bottle capacity function are installed to reduce your concerns of operation.

・LCD Touch Panel
5.7 inch touch panel screen allows anyone to easily use LaboACE without a user manual from injection to fraction collection.


UP to two detectors (UV and RI)can be fitted into the LaboACE body.

UV Detector

As preparative dedicated detector, it has developed its stability and sensitivity can detect most organic compounds.
 UV Model UV-254 LA  UV-VIS4ch  LA UV-VIS4ch 800LA 
Fixed wavelength  4ch variable UV-Vis 
1ch at 254nm* 4ch from 200-400nm 4ch from 200-800nm 
Measurement Merhod Single beam  
Light Source Deuterium lamp Deuterium lamp+Tungsten lamp 
Flow Cell 0.3mm(option : 1.4mm ,2.4mm)  

RI Detector

Stable baseline can be obtained quickly. Applicable for both preparative and analytical HPLC.
   RI-700 LA
Measurement Method Deflection
Flow Cell 8µl volume
RI Range 1.00-1.75


  LaboACE LC-5060
Pump Model P-LA60 
Solvent Delivery System Reciprocating serial double plunger
 Flow Rate 0.1 - 60.0mL /min
Maximum Discharge Pressure 20MPa(0.1 - 15.0mL/min)
15MPa(15.01 - 25.0mL /min) 
 10Mpa(25.1 - 60.0mL/min) 
Plunger Φ7.0mm
Stroke 8mm
Discharge rate per stroke 300µl
Operation Panel 5.7inch touch panel screen
Flow Stability CV less than 0.3 
Pressure Display & Limiter Program and display on LCD 
Variable Injector (Manual) Rheodyne 7725i
Sample Loop 10mL (standard)
3mL、5mL, 15mL (optional) 
Event Marker  Recycle and Collect
Recycle System With non-Diffusion function Recycling system (patent) 
Recycle Method Swiching Scheme of Solenoid Valve
Auto Cleanup Function  Enables to wash flow Channel by program
Pump Stop Timer Enables to stop pump at 0-900mins
Solvent Volume Alert  Enables to alert the remaining solvent volume
Bottle Capacity Enables to prevent from overflow in a collection bottle
Alarm Timer  Save previous operation and rerun up to 99 times.
Injection Overlap Function General Timer
Dimensions(mm) 280(W)x445x(H)x420(D)
Power Supply  100V - 500VA/200~240V,500VA
Weight  Approx. 18kg
Column Stand Optional