Purge & Trap Sampler is a Thermal Desorption system with Curie point heating method, which enables sensitive analysis of wide range of sample from low boiling compounds to high boiling VOC with sharp and reproducible chromatogram.

The largest capacity quartz sample tube named PAT enables to analyze small electronic parts or polymer materials directly without preparation.

Sample tube packed with adsorbent, i.e. TenaxTA or TenaxGR, are available too to analyze trace components in environmental atmosphere, in cleanroom air and from volatile contaminants from electronic parts.

VOC and outgas analysis are completely supported with lineups of baking ovens to keep PAT always clean and extensive out gas collectors as peripheral equipment.

♦ Sensitive analysis of wide range samples from low to high boiling compounds.
♦ Curie point heating enables cryofocused (concentrated) sample to transfer to the GC/GC-MS rapidly. This rapidness is the key to result in sharp peaks and reproducible chromatography.
♦ Large capacity of PAT contains large quantity of adsorbent, which enables to trap large volume VOC samples at a time.
♦ Large capacity of PAT which is the largest in the market (10ml internal volume, 12mm i.d., 50mm H) enables sensitive analysis of outgas from solids, i.e. small electronic parts, palletized solids etc. without pretreatment.
♦ Any commercial GC can be interfaced.

Fields of application
Indoor airborne contaminants
Hazardous volatile substances in the air
Organic substances in clean room air
Working environmental volatile compounds
VOC emitted from building materials
Car emissions
Volatile Organic Compounds
Outgas and foreign odor from polymeric materials
Residual solvents in drug products
Foreign odor and flavoring ingredients in food
Outgas from electronic components
Outgas from electrical equipment

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