Recycling Preparative HPLC is...

For preparative HPLC, the column length is one of the keys to improve separation. However, there is a limit as to the length due to back pressure problem. To solve this, recycling technique can be applied. After initially passing through the columns, the sample is recycled by returning to the same columns and the operation is repeated until baseline separation is achieved. With recycling technique, the chromatographic resolution increases by the square root of number of passes through the column and there is no solvent consumption. Recycling conserves solvent use and reduces the investment in columns. This is the method you've been looking for!

Recycling function
Is installed into all of our models.

Available wide selection
Applies for a broad range of usage, we serve wide selection of products from compact manual model, fully automated model, larger scale and process scale model to meet your needs and target quantity of collection.

Easy usability with small footprint
The main bodies are designed compact for space saving but enough to hold pump and detectors inside. With concepts of preparative dedicated devise, usability has been improved a lot from previous models.

Extensive columns line up
JAI offers extensive columns line up. Especially, our attractive GPC/GFC columns work most effectively and escalate its capability with recycling technique, without try and error to find complicated separation condition and method.

Separation Example
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