JAI offers various outgas collectors depends on your application, size and phase from solid sample, liquid sample to gaseous sample.

JAI Outgas collectors are designed to place samples in heatable chambers, seal completely, flow purge gas (N or He in general) into the chamber, rise temperature and collect split-less outgas at the outlet connecting adsorbent sample tube cartridge called PAT. (Split outgas collection is optional.)

Outgas from electrical parts is trapped and collected at a PAT while the parts are being heated in the chamber at elevated temperature without participation of oxygen, and ultimately the PAT is placed in Curie Point Purge and Trap Sampler to be thermally desorbed into GC/MS.

Other brand sample tubes for thermal desorption are also adaptable as an option.

- JAI serves different sized and shaped sample chambers for various sample demands
- Multiple chambers enables to collect all at once and save time
- Chambers are gold plated to prevent from contamination and they are also easy to clean by solvent
- Able to customize to meet your sample size and target temperature. Please ask.

JAI outgas collectors are perfect solutions for your analysis, for example if your samples are…
- Too big to put in a TD (thermal desorption) sample tube
- Too many numbers of samples to analyze outgas at a same time
- Too small amount of gas to analyze and too much time consuming to concentrate
- To heat samples at a higher temperature to save collecting time as acceleration test