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Chromatogram data acuisition system "Prepure"

PC control NEXT series* for stress free operation
*Except manual moel LC-9210/9225

Able to remotely operate NEXT series from your PC
Displays the same on your PC as the touch panel screen on LC-NEXT. Operate NEXT away from the draft.

Various fraction program
Available to collect in Time mode, Peak mode and Slice mode.

Event viewer
Able to check at once the operation sequence from injection to collection as well as recycle period and collected peak area.

Able to restore operational sequences and events
Edit the log, rewrite and rerun are aiso possible.

Auto pump stop function
For safe operation, clean up after running or overnight operation.

Quantitative, Peak area Calculation
GPO Calculation is available for Prepure-300.


Purepure-100 Purepure-200
Number of Channel 2
PC Interface USB2.0
Driver LC-9110NEXT/9130NEXT
NEXT Exclusive
Event Signal Marker (injection, recycle, and fraction)
PC Spec. WindowsXP or later, OS 32bit USB port×2
Data Transfer to MS Excel
Chromatogram Acquisition
PC Control
GPC Calculation


Chromatogram data acquisition system

With easy operation, it offers the same usability as recorder
Extended functions enable useful data acquisition

Multi event signal receiver
Receives all event signals from our recycling preparative HPLC (injection, recycle, siphon, collect).

Scalable chromatogram View
Makes for easy operation to find the exact timings of collecting samples.

Enables to leave comments on chromatogram even during data acquisition.

MUITI event viewer
On chromatogram, it makes easy to recognize all operated events procedure such as started recycling peak, ended collecting peak.

Chromatogram viewer
With a signal glance, it is enough to recognize even a long period chromatogram.


JDS-50 JDS-100
Number of Channel 1 2
PC Interface USB2.0 (USB1.0 compatible)
Driver Exclusive driver
Power Input 2.5V
Event Signal Marker
(injection, siphon, recycle, collect and random)
Sampling Speed 10Hz Max.
Data Acquisition injection valve or manual start
PC Spec. WindowsXP or later, OS 32bit USBport ×1
Data Transfer to MS Excel
Chromatogram signal reading
Event signal display / log
Quantitative calculation
Peak area calculation
GPC calculation