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Sep. 1965
Japan Analytical Industry Co., Ltd. founded in Meguro Tokyo when Dr. N. Oguri, Mr. S. Naniwada and Dr. A. Onishi left JEOL Ltd. and started the business.
May 1966 First laboratory completed in Akishima, Tokyo.
Oct. 1967 Released Gas chromatograph GC-F.
Mar. 1967 Head office moved to Akishima laboratory.
Feb. 1969
Released Auto-sampler for GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography)
Dec. 1969 Released the first Curie point pyrolyzer JHP-1.
Apr. 1970 Released Curie point pyrolyzer JHP-2.
Jul. 1971 Head office moved to Mizuho, Tokyo.
Apr. 1972 Released LC-07 Recycling Preparative HPLC.
Feb. 1973 Released LC-08 Recycling Preparative HPLC.
Dec. 1973 JAI's chromatographic commodities were certified by Measurement Law in Japan/ safety and technical requirements.
Nov. 1977 Released LC-09 Recycling Preparative HPLC.
Oct. 1980 Capital increased to Yen 12,000,000.-.
Dec. 1981 Released Curie point pyrolyzer JHP-3.
Apr. 1982 Osaka office opened.
Feb. 1983 Released Refractive index detector RI-3.
Dec. 1983 Capital increased to Yen 30,000,000.-.
Nov. 1984 Head office moved to current address.
Nov. 1986 Released LC-20 Recycling Preparative HPLC.
Sep. 1988 Released LC-908 Recycling Preparative HPLC.
Jan. 1990 Released Purge and Trap sampler JHS-100.
Nov. 1991 Released Curie point direct injection probe JDI-800.
Nov. 1992 Released automated Curie point pyrolyzer model JPS-330.
Sep. 1993 Naoki Oguri Ph. D. received Technology Achievement Prize from JSAC (Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry).
Feb. 1995 Released Outgas Collector for hard disk model HD-3.5".
Nov. 1995 Released Outgas Collector for silicon wafer model SW-8.
May. 1996 Received a letter of appreciation from National Institute of Police science for vicious crime identification
Jul. 1977 Released Outgas Collector HM-04
Mar. 1988 Released Cryogenic Sample Crusher JFC-300
Dec. 1998 Naoki Oguri Ph. D. became president after Mr. Satoru Naniwada
Apr. 1998 Recycling Preparative HPLC was awarded and won a prize of excellent new technology by Japan Industrial News Paper and Asahi Bank.
Feb. 1999 Released Outgas collector OCM-6 for cleanroom evaluation.
Apr. 1999 Established R & D in the head office.
Apr. 1999 Received government grant to develop automated outgas analyzer.
Aug. 1999 JAI Korea office opened (Former Sunil Instrument Co., Ltd.)
Dec. 2000 Released automated Purge & Trap sampler JTD-505.
Mar. 2001 Approved as a company of innovation management by government.
Apr. 2001 Released Curie point pyrolyzer JHP-5
Aug. 2001 Released outgas collector SW-8400 for Liquid Crystal.
Dec. 2001 Released cryogenic sample crusher model JFC-1500.
Apr. 2002 Capital increased to Yen 62,200,000.
Mar. 2003 New office building completed for Manufacture dept. and R&D.
Mar. 2004 Released Outgas collector for "12 wafer, SW-12400.
Sep. 2004 JAI China Co., Ltd., opened in Beijing
Nov. 2004 Released Automated Curie Point Pyrolyzer JPS-700.
Jan. 2006 Released World first portable Curie Point Injector JCI-21/22.
Feb. 2007 Received ISO-14001 and ISO-9001.
Feb. 2007 Capital increased to Yen 65,000,000.
Mar. 2007 Curie Point Injector, Model JCI-22 was awarded and won a prize of excellent new technology Japan Industrial News paper and Resona Bank.
Apr. 2007 Received SHINRENKEI government grant for Semi-prep HPLC.
Dec. 2007 Won a prize of Tama Blue award for recycling preparative HPLC by Tama Shinkin Bank
Apr. 2008 Nagoya office opened
Sep. 2009 Released Cryogenic Sample Crusher model JFC-2000
Nov. 2009 Released LC-9110/9130 NEXT
Nov. 2010 Released prep-scale LC-Prep 1000/2500/4000
Nov. 2010 Released LC-9210/9225 NEXT
Jun. 2011 Released LC-200/500 NEXT


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