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Recycling for Industrial Scale Collectioute

High throughput with stable high flow rate
Avalable three models depends on required column flow. LC-200NEXT has maximum flow rate up to 200mL/min and LC-500NEXT has up to 500mL/min and LC-800NEXT has up to 800mL/min.

Ease of use with large sized LCD touch pannel
8.4' touch pannel has installed for user friendly operation. Soon after try it, you will see how easy this is!!

Reciprocating triple plunger
Reciprocating triple plunger guarantees stable and reliable solvent delivery performance without pulsation.

Recycle with Non-diffusion function (patent)
Our over-the-years-exclusive focus on "Recycling technique" has been of course applied into both models. During recycle mode, it stops consumption of solvent that leads high cost performance and good for environment.

Auto cleanup function
Automated cleanup function keeps the flow channels always clean for accurate fractionation. Solvent change over is also much easier than ever.

You can select from 4 different colors.


  For LC-200NEXT For LC-500NEXT For LC-800NEXT
Pump Type Reclprocating triple plunger
Maximum Discharge Pressure 20MPa
Flow Rate 10-200 ml/min  30-500 ml/min 40-800 ml/min
Operation Panel   8.4inch LCD touch-sensitive screen
Pressure Display & Limiter program and display on LCD touch.sensitive screen
Repeat Injector Direct auto sample loading system (100µl to 99.9ml )
Sample Injection Amount 9,999ml (max.)
Sample Injection No. 99 time (max.)
Event Marker Injection,Recycle and Collect
Recycle System With non-Diffusion function Recycling system (patent)
Auto Rerun Function Save previous operation and rerun up to 99 times
Injectlon Overlap Function Time saving auto Injector
Auto Cleanup Funciton Flow Channel washing by program
Column Reject Valve Built-in
Leak Sensor Installed at pump,detectors and recycle valve
Detector space Inner body
Dimensions (mm) 585(W) x650(H) x730(D)
Power Supply 100V / 200V, 800VA
Weight Approx. 125 kg Approx. 128kg

Fraction Collector (Standart Equipment)

Specially designed fraction collector for larger scale collection of LC-200NEXT/500NEXT/800NEXT is available.

  For LC-200NEXT For LC-500NEXT For LC-800NEXT
Type FC-3320  FC-3350 FC-3380
Fraction Method Direct boltoling
Maximum Fraction 15 boltle  15 boltles (or more with option)
Bottle Capacity  1,000ml 1,000m (or more with option)
Peak Mode Available Prepure-250
Arm Movement XY direction
Fractlon Mode Time program mode and Slice mode
Dimensions(mm)  700(W)x350(H)x530(D) 700(W)x560(H)x570(D)
Power Supply 100V / 200V, 800VA
Weight Approx.14 kg Approx. 20kg