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The heat source for Curie point Pyrolyzer is ferromagnetic properties called pyrofoil (alloy). JAI uses pulse heating method applied with induction heating and curie point of ferromagnetic properties.

When ferromagnetic properties receive induction heating, it loses its magnetic properties and reaches up to its curie point temperature in an instant.

JAI has developed 21 kind of pyrofoils in a range from 160℃ to 1040℃. To change target temperature, simply change a pyrofoil from one to the others. There is no waiting time for heating like oven heater types, because it always only takes 0.2 seconds.

- Pyrolisis temperature is physically constant by alloy and is not affected by career gas, flow rate, environment, but is stable with reproducibility.
- Able to thermally decompose in acid or alkain or catalysis environment.

♦ Available pyrofoils range: 160°C to 1040°C
♦ The temperature raise time: Less than 0.2 sec.
♦ Accuracy of the temperature: Less than ±0.1°C


  Py.temp.   Py.temp.
 F1040 1040 F423 423
F920 920 F386 386
F764 764 F358 358
F740 740 F333 333
F670 670 F315 315
650 F280 280
590 F255 255
500 F235 235
485 F220 220
445 F170 170

  F160 160

Foil crinper
To prepare oriinally flat 9mm-width Pyrofoil for a suitable sharp for sample placemet as followinf figure.

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