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Curie Point Pyrolyzer Auto sampler

Remodeled Controller 
5.7 inch LCD Touch Panel is newly installed.
Every necessary operation such as Parameter setup and gas flow control are possible from this user friendly touch panel.

Able to set up to 40 samples at a time
Bit time savings for routine analysis, especially

High Reproducibility and Quantitativity
Curie point heating method is applied for high reproducibility.
Using pyrofoils, Easy to prepare samples and operate routinely.

Max 400℃ at Oven temperature
Much easier to detect higher boiling compounds than ever.

Applicable to all GC, GC/MS


Probe unit
Max sample loading 40 samples (40 Pyrofoils)
Loading system Foil magazine method
Sample retrieve Electromagnet method
Air purge 2 points 
Air plunger 2 set (Higher than 0.4MPa)
Oven temp Max at 400℃
Needle heater Max at 350℃
Applicable GC ALL
Dimension (mm) 254(W) x 780(H) x 250(D)
From controller
Weight 6.5kg

Controller unit
Heating method High frequency induction heating
Output 600kHz , 48W
Signals GC remote start signal
Operation Panel 5.7 inch LCD tough panel 
Pyrolysis period 1 to 999 seconds
Analysis interval Control on touch panel
Purge valve Control on touch panel
Heater control Control on touch panel
Dimension (mm) 180(W) x 390(H) x 450(D)
AC85 to 240V, 8A
Weight 15kg

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