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Curie Point Pyrolyzer (MANUAL)

JHP-5 is a setup type of manual model. With a large volume of sample up to 0.5mg which is easy and visible to weigh, users can obtain pyrogram (Pyrolisis chromatogram) with high reproducibility. This model has been widely well received in polymer analysis, agriculture, and geography and forensic field and 2000 units have been installed so far.

Maximum Oven temperature is 400℃ allows analyze higher boiling temperature compounds
Small main body frame
Simple flow line in inert environment
Easy sample setting and Easy sample tube replacement
Able to analyze complicated structural samples such as vulcanized rubber, Co-polymer, Polyamides (Nylon) without solvent elution.
Able to connect with any GC, GC/MS.

♦Heating system: Curie point heating
♦Pyrolysis time: 1 sec. to 99 hours
♦RF output: 600 KHz, 48 W
♦Probe dimensions/weight:
90 W X 280 H X 160 D (mm)/ 2.5 Kg
♦RF power supply: 100 to 240 V, 5 A
♦RF power unit dimensions/weight:
160 W X 250 H X 380 D (mm)/ 8 Kg
♦Compatible GC: All GC

Pyrogram of Polyethylene
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Since the maintenance oven can be set at a higher temperature (400°C ), higher molecular weight of the pyrolyzates can be analyzed.
The pyrogram on the left was obtained from pyrolysis of polyethylene at 740°C for 5 sec. The pyrogram shows parafiin and olefin peaks of carbon number up to 80 as pyrolyzates.

Pyrogram of Polystyrene
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The pyrogram shown on the left was obtained from polystyrene pyrolyzed at 590°C for 5 sec.
4 peaks of tetramer of styrene are clearly detected. ' Also, pentamer peaks were observed which are normally difficult when using a standard capillary column.

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