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PAT stands for Primary Adsorption Tube and is the largest capacity quartz sample tube to enable various methods of analysis.

PAT is quartz sample tube with the largest capacity in the industry and it enables various methods of analysis.

PAT Blank is generally for solid samples, such as small electrical parts or polymeric material. It has big enough internal volume of 10 ml, inner diameter of 12 mm and 50 mm high, that enables to accommodate samples directly without outgas collector for preparation.

PAT packed with Tenax is especially designed for gas samples, such as indoor or outdoor atmosphere, airborne molecular contaminants to be trapped in PAT packed with an adsorbent TenaxTA or TenaxGR.

♦ Material: Quartz tube
♦ Dimension: 16 OD x 12 ID x 120 length (mm)

PATs are available as follows:
- PAT (Packed with TenaxGR 2.5 g)
- PAT (Packed with TenaxTA 1.3 g)
- PAT Blank (Empty)
Other adsorbent is optional.

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