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Hybrid Pyrolyzer

Orld First, Most Versatile Hybrid Pyrolyzer
Curie point pyrolysis and furnace pyrolysis are both in one system now.
Simple pyrolysis
Multi temperature pyrolysis
EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis)
Reanalysis with adsorption set

Curie Point Pyrolsis using Pyrofoil has an established reputation
Easily replaceable module prevents cross contamination in chamber
Single button operation to select 4 pyrolysis modes

Optional adsorption set enables to reanalyze the sample

Micro syringe injection without dismantling probe

Optional Column lnlet Cooler to trap low-molecular gas samples at the column inlet


Curie Point Pyrosis (CP-Py) Furnace Pyrolsis (F-Py)
Heating method Curie point heating Heating method Furnace oven heating
Pyrolysis time  1 sec to 99.9 sec Heater Cylindrical Ceramic heater
Sample set  Sample wrapped pyrofoil datected by falling Sample set  Sample cup detected by falling or manual set
Pyrolysis temp.Select target temperature by choosing a pyrofoil from 160℃ to 1040℃ Pyrolysis temp./stabillity  40℃ to 800℃ (By 1℃)/less than ±0.1℃ 
Probe cooling  method By air(when inlet pressure 500kpa,7 minutes or less from 800℃ to 100℃
Temperature elevation rate Maximum 600℃/min (F/py mode)
Pyrolysis time 0.1 min to 999.9 min
Needle  O.D.0.64 mm ×70 mm (Passivation treated)
Sample tube material Alumina ceramic
Dimensions / Weigth W120×H328×70 mm /2Kg

Display 5.7 inch LCD touch panel screen
Needle heater Temp. 40℃ to 400℃(By 1℃)/ less than ±0.1℃/350℃ as default
Oven heater Cylindrical Ceramic heater in the Py prode to heat the amblent temperature from 40℃ to 800℃(By1℃)/ less than ±0.1℃
 RF Power RF output 48W with sample falling detection 
Carrier gas Flow line switch valve between GC and JHI
Dimensions / Weigth W180 × H390 ×D500 mm / 16Kg,100~200 V,500VA (MAX) 

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