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(JPI-06A Optional system)

Outgas collector

Place a sample in 50ml or 100ml glass chamber and heat. Evolved outgas are to be trapped and collected in the mini-PAT.

Number of sample
Able to collect VOC from maximum of 6 samples.
Sample chamber
Always place a sample in clean vial(consumable) to save time from cleaning process.
Thermal extraction temperature
From ambient to maximum of 250℃
Break-Through prebented
If the sample contains break-through easy compounds, mini-PAT is able to connect two pieces in series to improve collection.
Other sample tubes
In addition to mini-PAT, costomized joint connections are available to fit other sample tubes.


Devise unit / Probe
Number of Samples 6 samples at time
Heating method Curie point heating
Pre-Heating 150℃
Transfer line (Needle upper part)
300℃ at curie point heated
Sample Tube
Quartz glass, OD 6mm, Length 36mm
OD 0.47mm, Length 42mm

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