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Photomask sample outgas collector

PM-0604 is an outgas collector from 6 inch photomask samples, designed to collect surface outgas with elevated temperature.

Able to collect 4 outgas samples simultaneously from photomask surface inside the ovens at maximum temp. to 200°C.

Consists of
1.Sample Oven Chamber
2.Temp. controller unit
3.Flow controller unit
4.Water-cooling system


  Power supply    AC200V 10A (Oven)
  AC100V 15A (Water-cooling system)
  Number of Oven   2
  Number of sample chamber   4 chambers (1 oven has 2 chambers)
  Sample chamber capacity   648mL 180H x 180D x 20W
  Sample chamber material   Stainless steel and gold plated inside
  Oven Heater   Residence heating
  Oven temp   up to 200°C
  Purge gas   N or He for general use 
  Purge gas flow rate   up to 500 ml/min (Programmable Individual chamber)
  Safety system   Overheat alarm, Emergency heater stopper, 
  Water-cooling system   To cool off the ovens