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For Electrical parts (24 samples)

HM-10 Outgas Collector has 24 sample chambers to collect 24 outgas samples independently at a time. The oven temperature is selectable from room temperature up to 200°C.

- Consists of 4 ovens enable to collect 6 outgas samples at a time and each oven has individual temp. controller.
- 24 independently controllable purge gas lines enable 24 reliable sampling
- Heating (sampling) temp. for each ovens are from room temperature to 200°C (up to 260°C for baking purpose)
- Able to collect for long time by timer setup 99hour 59mins.
- Sample chambers are gold plated (deactivation treatment) preventing from contamination.
- Built-in water-cooling valve system

Other brand sample tubes for thermal desorption are also adaptable as an option.

Sample Heating Device


  Number of Sample chamber   24
  Sample chamber material   Stainless steel and gold plated inside
  Sample chamber capacity   φ30 x 40 mm, 24 chambers (30mL)
  Oven material   Aluminum
  Oven Heater   Residence heating
  Oven temp   up to 200°C
  Purge gas   N or He for general use 
  Purge gas flow rate   20 to 200 ml/min
  Cooling unit   Tap water or cooling water circulation
  Dimensions/weight   950 W X 620 H X 400 D (mm)/120 Kg
  Power supply   AC 200 V, 15 A