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For Electrical parts (4 samples)

HM-04II Outgas Collector has four sample chambers to collect four outgas samples at a time. The oven temperature is selectable from room temperature up to 200°C.

- Consists of 4 sample chambers which enable to collect 4 outgas samples at a time.
- 4 independently controllable purge gas lines enable 4 reliable samplings.
- Outgas from the parts are trapped and collected in adsorbent into 4 PATs.
- Able to collect for long time by timer setup 99hour 59mins.
- Sample chambers are gold plated (deactivation treatment) preventing from contamination.

Other brand sample tubes for thermal desorption are also adaptable as an option.


Controller   Device


  Number of Sample chamber   4
  Sample chamber material   Stainless steel and gold plated inside
  Sample chamber capacity   φ60 x 56 mm (160 mL)
  Oven material   Aluminum
  Oven Heater   Residence heating
  Oven temp   up to 200°C
  Purge gas   N or He for general use 
  Purge gas flow rate   20 to 200 ml/min
  Device dimensions/ weight   285 W X 225 H X 310 D (mm)/ 21.5 Kg
  Controller dimensions/ weight   320 W X 215 H X 320 D (mm)/ 11 Kg
  Power supply   AC 100 to 115 V, 10 A

Example of analysis with the HM-04II