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From Liquid Sample Outgas Collector

•To collect outgas from water-soluble, hydrophilic samples such as emulsion into PAT.
•To collect water-soluble samples with ethanol too, while evaporating water and alcohols.
•Able to collect outgas from industrial wastewater to drink water into PAT.
•Able to concentrate sample offline to save preparation time.

♦Sample heating temp.: up to 200°C
♦Transfer tube: up to 200°C
♦Purge gas: Inlet 0.2 MPa/ cm²
♦Flow rate of purge gas: 20 to 200 ml/min
♦Flow rate of dry gas: 20 to 200 ml/min
♦Dimensions: 150 W X 200 H X 300 D (mm)
♦Power supply/weight: AC 100 to 115 V, 5 A/10 Kg